Our mission is to help small businesses command media attention with a PR platform that works on any budget.

Faselis Growth: The Ultimate PR Solution for Startups

So many startups fail to build an audience because they lack the resources or understanding of an effective PR strategy. Faselis Growth was designed specifically to help these small businesses build valuable media relations—and to do it without a dedicated marketing team or PR budget.

The simple, intuitive platform gives powerful PR strategies to any business owner, regardless of their experience. With no monthly fees or restrictive contracts, Faselis Growth stays affordable and ready whenever companies need it.

Influence Your Audience with Faselis

Businesses and journalists share the same goal: to connect with and influence their audience. With a streamlined approach to media relations, Faselis helps stories worthy of attention to reach their intended audience, benefiting both the business and the publication.

Additionally, the Faselis platform helps PR professionals working for either agencies or in-house corporate teams who submit a high volume of press releases. No matter the size or complexity of the job, Faselis makes media relations easy, automated and intuitive. To learn more about how Faselis serves corporates, journalists and PR professionals, visit www.faselis.com

Influence Your Audience with Faselis Online Press Release Distribution Platform