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Gain The Approval of Journalists

Before you win over consumers, you must first win over the press. Journalists hold the key to your success. They are the gatekeepers that decide who is worthy of the market’s attention—and who is yesterday’s news. To stand out from the crowd and earn their approval, you must craft an outstanding press release.

Create Press Releases That Command Attention

Faselis Growth removes the frustration and confusion around writing press releases. Regardless of skill level or experience, our step-by-step guide makes it easy for any business owner to craft engaging press releases just like the pros. Our team will also review your work to determine whether it’s ready for distribution, so you’ll always send the most compelling message possible.

Everything You Need to Make Headlines and Influence Your Market

Faselis Growth is the complete solution for getting your story onto the media outlets that matter. We provide all the tools you need to write exceptional press releases, connect with relevant publications, and reach new levels of brand awareness. There’s no need to network or establish your own media relations, because we’ve already done the legwork for you! It’s never been this easy for journalists to discover your message and share it with the world!

How Does It Work?

Faselis Growth helps you gain media attention in four easy steps.

Create Your Press Release

  • Open Faselis Growth and follow the step-by-step guidelines on your screen.
  • Tell your company’s story in a way that connects with your target audience.
  • If you need professional help, you can hire a writer from our Certified Freelancer Network.

Review Your Press Release

  • Send your press release to our in-house team of experts.
  • We’ll inform you if it’s ready for journalists, or if there are notes for improvement.
  • Revise your press release if necessary and prepare it for distribution.

Distribute Your Press Release

  • Target the most relevant publications from our media network.
  • Engage in conversation directly with journalists.
  • Send your press release out into the world—up to 27 countries in four different languages.

Influence Your Market

  • Check detailed reports on the status of your press release.
  • Track where it’s sent, see who’s opened it, and find out if the documents and assets have been downloaded.
  • Follow up with and build stronger relations with the publications most interested in your story.
  • Command the media attention you deserve!

What Can Faselis Growth Do for My Business?

Startups rely heavily on media attention in order to gain early traction—yet they are also the businesses most limited by PR budget.
Faselis Growth helps these companies reach their ideal audience without the need for a dedicated PR agency.
Using the same strategies as the pros, Faselis Growth guides you through the entire public relations process, from crafting your message all the way to media distribution.

With Faselis Growth, your company will:

  • Be on prominent display inside the publications that matter to your industry.
  • Increase sales and awareness by influencing your target audience.
  • Submit press releases to and from 27 different countries around the globe.
  • Engage investors with a more compelling value proposition.
  • Dominate your market with unrivaled brand recognition.

What If I Don’t Have Marketing or PR Experience?

No experience? No problem! We’ve taken the mystery out of media relations, so you can take charge of your company’s PR with confidence and ease. By following a series of on-screen prompts, you’ll learn to craft engaging press releases that will undoubtedly capture the media’s interest. Utilizing our vast network of publications, you’ll know exactly where to send your press release for the greatest impact. Choose the outlets that are most relevant to your niche, track where it’s sent, and find out who has read it. Building relations with the press has never been this painless!

How Do I Write an Effective Press Release?

Our editor tool makes the writing process intuitive and straightforward. No more headaches. No more staring at a blank screen. Have your press release finished in minutes—regardless of skill level. Our in-house team of experts will then review the quality of your press release and either approve it as “ready for press,” or offer notes as to why it was rejected. Need to call in the pros? A member of our Faselis Certified Freelancer Network can help turn an uninspired press release into exciting front page material.

I’m Still Worried About the Cost!

Don’t sweat. Faselis Growth works with any budget! We believe that every startup deserves a chance to reach its fullest potential. Until now, however, success was only guaranteed for companies with massive marketing budgets. But not anymore! Faselis Growth equips startups with a proven PR system that won’t break the bank. No hidden costs. No monthly retainer fees. No restrictive contracts. You pay only for what you need, with transparent and affordable pricing at $350 per press release. Welcome to a new—and affordable!—way to build your audience.
Will your startup be the next sensation that lights up the media? With Faselis Growth you’ll finally give journalists what they crave, and open the doors to a raving fan base of customers. Tell your story. Make headlines. Grow your audience.

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